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We have seen training in our profession evolve over time to adapt to workforce trends and the needs of the department.  While the training division has done an excellent job facilitating an Emergency Medical Training Advisory Group (EMTAG), revamping our training center, coordinating regularly-scheduled facilities training, and hosting grant funded Active Attack Integrated Response training, we are losing valuable experience steadily, and it is becoming all too routine that our ability to train on the clock is hindered by call volume - creating an opportunity for scheduling officers to execute mandatory overtime staffing for scheduled training.  Furthermore, members completing voluntary training off shift designed to make them handle their job more effectively are not consistently compensated for training hours worked.  This inconsistent approach to overtime and comp time approvals for training discourages our newest members from taking the initiative to attend additional training that could make them more effective or efficient in the duties outlined in their job class specification, in sharp contrast to opinion from the Department of Labor for compensable training time.  



Dept. of Labor Opinion Letter FLSA 2009-13

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