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Fire department funding in the City of Lynchburg has not been a priority for over a decade. 

The city's proposed FY20 budget cuts spending on the department by $26,486.

The present value of the FY2010 Fire Department Budget is $17.8 million

The proposed FY2020 Fire Department Budget is $16 million

City Hall has proposed a budget this year that puts the Lynchburg Fire Department $1.8 million dollars behind our funding a decade ago.

Looking at performance, in 2010 the department set a performance measure to meet or exceed the American Heart Associations average of 5-7% of cardiac arrest patients achieving return of spontaneous circulation, projecting a goal of 5%.  In the last fiscal year, we succeeded at beating this performance measure by achieving a measure of 53% of patients who experience cardiac arrest survived to be admitted to the hospital, nearly double the current national average of 28%.  In 2010, our actual average loss per structure fire incident was $26,810.  We have gotten better over the last decade, and have a projected structure fire loss per incident of $8,250.  Not only are we doing our job, but we are getting it done better than ever - but these trends will change as budget limitations have impact recruitment and retention, which we feel daily with staffing shortages.  


Where has the money gone in the city over the last decade, and what is it doing?


Analyzing the budget, it's clear that the line share of the increase in city revenue has went no where else but Lynchburg City Schools: 

City schools is just one example where funding has increased significantly over the years past inflation, but the responsibility and performance of city schools has decreased as they continue to have decreased enrollment year after year, yet have doubled the cost of administration in the school system.

Will the Fire Department ever get increased funding that aligns with the increased value we provide to the city?

Lynchburg City Schools 2010

Local Funding:  $32.4 Million

Total Enrollment:  8519 Students

Kindergarten Enrollment:  732 students

Cost of administration per student:  $601

Lynchburg City Schools 2020 (proposed)

Local Funding:  $42 Million  (+ 29.5%)

Total Enrollment:  7743 Students  (- 9.1%)

Kindergarten Enrollment:  636 students  (- 13.1%)

Cost of administration per student:  $890  (+ 48%)

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